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SQL2K5 S/W – H/W anonomoly

We have built a new WIN2K3 64-bit OS, with 64-bit SQL2K5 installed on an INTEL platform. However, the S-T-R-A-N-G-E this that we noticed when we right click and goto the properties of the SQL Server in SSM, the Platform indicates that it is NT AMD64, when in fact it is an INTEL box???? Also, the registry shows many refs to AMD64. I installed the x64 binaries of SQL2K5. Not sure what OS binaries were used. Any ideas what this means, as we are seeking to rebuild the entire box! Thanks!
Do you have vendor installed software to find out what is the platform? Satya SKJ
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Thx for reply. Can you clarify what you mean? Our infrastructure people confirmed that it is INTEL. Also, if you right click MyComputer properties it say Inter(R)XEON(TM). What are the different install binaries for W2K3? Many thanks!
that just the code to indicate you are on the 64-bit extension of x86,
as opposed to 32-bit x86 or 64-bit itanium, or 64-bit alpha don’t worry about it, it is not an attempt to the actual hardware
besides, Opteron and Xeon 64-bit are software interopable
makes sense! thanks.