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What permission should I grant a user requesting to have dbo right’s in SQL2k5? The user want’s to be able to drop and create objects, and he want’s the object to have dbo has the owner. In SQL 7.0/2K I would create the user and alias the account to dbo. But with all the new security in SQ2k5, I think there’s a better way to do this. Any help..
You grant the dbo access…
Read BOL for more details..
Mohammed U.
Thanks Mohammed, but if I simply grant the user dbo access, the user will have to complete another step to change the object owner ‘sp_changeobjectowner’ to dbo, because by default the owner will be something other than dbo, right? I thought with sql2k5 you could grant a user schema level permissions or aliase the user to dbo, that way when the user creates any new object the owner would be dbo.
Here’s what I did. I added the user to the db_owner role with default schema to dbo.