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sqlmaint task failure

Hi all, I have a problem with my sqlmaint task, i get the error below whenever the task runs Msg 2540, Level 16, State 1 Allocation Discrepancy: Page is allocated but not linked; check the following pages and ids: allocation pg#=14336 extent id=14568 logical pg#=14569 object id on does anybody know what this is about? thanks in advance
Run DBCC CHECKALLOC and see if there is any error. Luis Martin
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It looks like the database is experiencing the corruption and the error indicates that the allocation bitmap as stored in the extent does not match what DBCC CHECKALLOC/NEWALLOC found when traversing the page chain during the processing. In simple terms what it means that due to this you will have some wasted space. Run DBCC CHECKDB to make sure there no other consistency errors.
CHeck error log whether any errors 7914 or 2540 is listed. Ensure you’ve latest and good backup if this doesn’t fix at all to restore. Satya SKJ
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this is what is run:
SQLMAINT.EXE -D MYDB -CkDB -CkAl -CkTxtAl -CkCat -Rpt E:TaskLogsMYDB_maint.rpt and this is the error from error logs Page linkage failed for INDID 1; Processed 0 pages
Page linkage traversed with BAD PREV poiners, processed 688 pages I also get error 17824 often and also error 1105
Run dbcc checkdb() with no_infomsgs and see what it returns. you may been to re-run it with a repair option, e.g. dbcc checkdb(‘dbname, REPAIR_ALLOW_DATA_LOSS) to get rid of the errors. Or if it’s an index issue, you could try dropping then recreating the index to get rid of the issue. Tom Pullen
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