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Computer 1)I use sql server 2000 on windows XP professional(workstation). The total data on this computer is 976 Meg. When Idle after restart the memory consumption is around 10 meg and it goes up during work to 75 meg after a couple of days and stay there.
Computer2) A part of this data which is about 550 meg is used on windows 2000 (server). When idle after restart the memory consumption is 150 meg and during traffic after a couple of days it reaches 500 meg and stay at this level. Computer3)Another part which is about 125 meg is used on windows 2003(server). When Idle after restart the memory consumption is 400 meg and goes up after a couple of days to 1400 meg. Computer 2 and 3are on the same network but they are two separate operations. Both servers have high traffic. Computer 2 has the data and the scripts on the same computer. Computer 3 is housing only sqlserver. Its data is used remotedly from another computer. Computer 1 is on a different network and it is used for developing the applications of the above 2 servers. ASP scripts are used to manipulate the data on the three computers I shall appreciate your opinion as to why the computer 1 usesless memory and does the server use more memory than a workstation. Is the memory consumption of computer 2 and 3 normal. If not what shall I do to have them optimized. Many thanks. salimlallas
If you do not preallocate the memory for SQL Server using sp_configure min/max server memory options (in which case all of the continuous chunk of memory would be given to SQL ), SQL Server engine will allocate memory based on the server configuration and the load system experiences . In your question, Computer 1 is a development server, it is unlikely that it experiences the same load as your "production" servers , thus the memory usage you observe is lower. Check out Inside SQL Server 200 by Kalen Delaney, charter 3 (SQL Architecture), she talks about it in some detail. simas
If memory is set dinamically, SQL alloc all memory he needs. What you have is normal situacion, like Simas said, deppend on load, etc.
Luis Martin
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As explained confirm memory settings on all the SQL servers and see whether any other applications are sharing the server resources. Satya SKJ
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