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sqlserver 2005 installation

This is my first task of installing sqlserver 2005 on 64 bit machine in windows 2003 environment.
As a DBA what are the thnigs i need to know for the successful installation of sqlserver 2005 and what the things that are need to be installed along with sqlserver, and what are the accounts to be created like all the things i need to know.. Any help will be a great for me … Thanks in advance
Your questions are leading to multi step answers.
So you can browse through these articles and google if not enough. http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms143516.aspx
True and if you are not sure its better to go through referred articles and once it is installed you can either take help of Microsoft support for a checkover, as 64 bit installations are increasing enough and they are interested in optimizing Customer installations. Satya SKJ
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