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SQLServer:Memory ManagerLock Memory (KB)

I have set up perfmon to monitor sql server.
One counter I can see is SQLServer:Memory ManagerLock Memory (KB)
What should be the min and maximum value for this.
If the counter shows 600KB is this a good threshold value.
How to trouble shoot this so that I can release lock memory or atleast let it use min memory
I believe there is no such value it is high or low, you must ensure the performance is not affected.
SQL Server uses and manages memory. Monitoring and analyzing SQL Server’s memory utilization can provide vital information for performance tuning and capacity planning. Gathering performance metrics from your server is more than a one-time event. To truly understand what is going on with your system, you must collect performance metrics over a period of time, and then analyze the information. Satya SKJ
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Hi Friends,I am new to SQL server, Can anyone help me. Is there any feature like statspack in oracle. To check the performance of SQL server.Thanks,Mohammed Yacoob