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SSIS: directory import

Hi all,
I want to do the following with SSIS. I’m pretty sure it is possible, but I’m new to SSIS …
  • On Server A I have a directory (d:/images/) which contains .jepg pictures (image001.jepg, image002.jepg, image003.jepg, …)
  • On Server B I have a SQL2008 and a table called images
I need now a SSIS object, which fills all the filenames of the directory from Server A into the table of Server B. So that every file on A is a new row on B.
Doesn’t sound to complicated, right?
Thx for any help.
Reto E.

Me again,
I guess I could use the DOS-Command @dir g:images /A:-D /B /-C > g:DirList.txt to create a flatfile with the filenames. And then import the .txt file to the table.
But how can I from within the SSIS "connect" to the Server A with a different Windows-Login and Password to run the DOS-Command and access the .txt-File?
Thx for any hints
Reto E.

As you are using SQL 2008 why don’t make use of FILESTREAM feature in this case, to manage the cause.

Thx for the tip with the filestream. Sounds interesting to me.
But I already managed to create a SSIS package with a foreach loop container. I additionnaly had to make a proxyuser to run the SSIS package in the SQLServer to access the second server. Now it works like a charm.
Reto E.


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