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SSIS Script Executes w/out Destination Updates

I am using the script below to update a DB2 table and it successfully executes. However, the database doesn’t update. Can anyone help me? When I use a hardcoded update sql command then the destination record does update just that one record, but the parameters don’t work. Thank You, Public Class ScriptMain
Inherits UserComponent Dim connMgr As IDTSConnectionManager90
Dim conn As OdbcConnection
Dim cmdSelect As OdbcCommand
Dim cmdUpdate As OdbcCommand
Dim cmdInsert As OdbcCommand
Dim paramInsert As OdbcParameter
Dim paramSelect As OdbcParameter
Dim paramUpdate As OdbcParameter
Dim ds As DataSet Public Overrides Sub AcquireConnections(ByVal Transaction As Object)
connMgr = Me.Connections.Connection
conn = CType(connMgr.AcquireConnection(Nothing), OdbcConnection)
End Sub Public Overrides Sub PreExecute()
cmdUpdate = New OdbcCommand("UPDATE WEBLIB.A2JBMSKHF SET A2DESC = @FullName WHERE Rtrim(A2JOBN) = @FileNameNum", conn)
paramUpdate = New OdbcParameter("@FullName", OdbcType.VarChar)
paramUpdate = New OdbcParameter("@FileNameNum", OdbcType.VarChar)
End Sub Public Overrides Sub BorrowerRecords_ProcessInputRow(ByVal Row As BorrowerRecordsBuffer)
With cmdUpdate
.Parameters("@FileNameNum").Value = Row.FileNameNum.Trim.ToString()
.Parameters("@FullName").Value = Row.FullName.Trim.ToString()
End With
Catch ex As Exception
End Try
End Sub Public Overrides Sub ReleaseConnections()
End Sub
End Class
Have you checked the reference at DB2 end?
If you are estabilishing the successful connection to DB2 from SQL then the result must be investigated from that side too. Satya SKJ
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