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Hi I am back again with snapshot doubt This is what i did: went to report manager selected report > properties, in properties wrote some description > Execution, in execution checked Render this report….. Checked use the following schedule…. selected report specific schedule and configured it with so and so time (assume 7:00 PM) and then ok > checked create a report snapshot when you click apply…… Clicked on Apply After this at 7:00 PM i checked in History page at the time snapshot is created and it is in history page Every thing is clear till now…………now what i have to do is snapshot if snapshot is created at 7:00 PM and at 7:01 PM subscription mail should go to group of people that view report in portal how to schedule this one by one? I think u understood my ques, if i am not clear please let me know….Thank you
Expected reply…..anyway i got what i need!!!
Help me in my next task.
I got one more doubt
in report manager i have a report with name X
and in SQL Server Management Studio, in one of the database i have a table name with same X
in this SSMS the X database consists of 2 columns, 1 is report name and the other is user email….
earlier with this forum and with some people help i worked on Report subscription in report manager like clicked on new subscription, then selected delivery by: email, then to email id’s, then attach include report or url link….all these process
I am done with this process
now what i have to do is: in this report subscription process if i am working on subscription of X report all the email id’s which i have in SSMS database X table’s email id’s should come automatically here as i am working on same report.
So, how this gonna work?
Any idea?
Please let me know if any one knows answer for my question. Thank you Guys!!!
If you use reporting service of 2008 R2 , you may open drilled down from each report >>>>Subscribe >>>Identify some snapshot of specific parameters >>>Specify specify export type either Excel or PDF sheet..etc type >>> identify the subscribed mail list with an appropriate subject + appropriate schedule If you use SQL Server 2008 and downwards , you might open properties of report >>>Subscriptions and do the same steps above Please let me know if any further help needed

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