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Standard Deviation function Analysis services

Can anyone please suggest me how to write the standard deviation(stdev) function in MDX . I am stucked into that very badly. The function requires one dimension and one measure . I am using Time dimension in dimension parameter and ‘Depositors’ as a measure. when I run this in browser it gives the same value througout the time values.
I need it very urgently . Dhaval
You can use stdev function which takes a SET and numeric expression.
It Returns the sample standard deviation of a numeric expression evaluated over the set,.
Hi, Ranjit
Thanks a lot for your Quick reply. Sorry forgot to mension that i have already tried this formula in MDX hundreds of time. But not gettig the correct value . I m using the formula in this way. Stddev ( Crossjoin( {[Time].[Time_Key].ALLMEMBERS},{[Measures].[Deposit Amount – Transaction]}) ) I used time dimension as a Set and Deposit amount as a measure which is field of one fact table. The structure of this table is Time_Key intUnchecked (Key)
User_Key intUnchecked (Key)
Tracking_Code_KeyintUnchecked (Key)
Marketing_Agent_KeyintUnchecked (Key)
Local_Campaign_KeyintUnchecked (Key)
Global_Campaign_KeyintUnchecked (Key)
Channel_Key intUnchecked (Key)
Transaction_ID bigintUnchecked
Deposit_Amountdecimal(18, 4)Unchecked
Now I dont know whether i have to include all the key columns to get the correct value. I tried lots of ways but didnt get the sucess . I need the help urgently. Please help me. Dhaval
May check
links for any help./ Satya SKJ
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