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Standard Edition SQL on a dual processor server

Hi all, I was curious if Single Processor Standard Edition of SQL will install/run on a dual processor machine. The second question I have is when running SQL as a backend database to a web-app, are each of the web-clients using the web-app simultaneously considered as a separate client (using up a CAL each) or is only one CAL being used since all the web-clients are going to access the SQL using the same DB account via the web-app. I ask because I have a web-app which will be used by about 50 users. Would I need a SQL server with unlimited CALS (single processor edition) or will I be able to get away with a 5 or 10 user license. Thanks,
SQL Server has nothing to do or a restriction between single and dual processor machine, in fact the queries will have dependancy of better performance based on the workload divided between 2 processors by setting few options in SQL Server. For licensing part of question refer to this link. And one of the MS link refers The Standard Edition is the workhorse that most SQL Server users will want to buy. This edition supports up to four CPUs and 2GB of RAM but still lacks some of the Enterprise Edition’s advanced performance features such as distributed partitioned views and indexed views. This edition also doesn’t support Microsoft Cluster Server (MCS), log shipping, and certain advanced OLAP features, such as native HTTP. In addition, you must purchase separate licenses for each Standard Edition instance you install on a machine.
It is always suggested to refer to the Vendor or Microsoft in this case, link will explain the rest of information. Satya SKJ
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Not sure if Satya answered your query.
I too am interested to know if on a dual processor server running Windows 2003, can only a single processor based MS SQL 2000 license be installed?
If this is possible, what is required to make this solution work? If the second SQL processor based license is later purchased what is required to get SQL to recognise both processors? Client wants to firstly run his Accounts package using only a single SQL processor license before outlaying the additional cost of a second SQL processor license. Thanks
Yes, you can install SQL per processor (one separe licency each processor) or per sit.
If second processor is later purchased, you need to by other licency to new processor.
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