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Steps for mirroring with a witness server

1. Ensure that the database you want to mirror is in Full recovery mode
2. Do a FULL DB Backup of your primary DB
3. Do a log file backup of your primary DB
4. Restore the full DB backup with exactly the same name as the primary one on the mirror server With the NO RECOVERY OPTION
5. Restore the TLog on the mirror DB with NO RECOVERY OPTION
6. To aviod any issues, ensure that the same domain account is used to start the primary, mirror and witness SQL Server Service.
7. In Management Studio , Right Click the primary DB- Tasks- Mirroring – configure security, Choose your primary, mirror and witness server instances.
8. Click on Start Mirroring. Hope this helps for those who want to use this feature AKTHAR
Thanks Akhtar Hemantgiri S. Goswami
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