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Stored Procedures and Rights – URGENT!

hi, I’m being challenged on setting up SP security on 2005 application. Please help me out and clarify my understanding. We have users with ReadOnly rights to tables A,B and C. However, we wanted them to have execute rights to sp’s where some of them update/insert data to A, B, and C. Do they need to have write rights granted to them also? We also have ReadOnly roles to put these users in, but may need execute rights to SPs How is this different from SQL 2000 Security cocerning the above? How to set it up (I know theres an Execute As option in 2k5 – explain)
I need a quick as possible answer.
If you grant exec to procedure you don’t need to grant the permissions to underlying objects. I think there is any difference between 2000 and 2005. You can simply test this by creating a table, procedure and a read_only login/user.