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strange SQL Update problem !!! Plssss Helpp

Hi there,
i have stuck in a strange prblem in visual basic n sql. I am able to doinserts and update in a table thru visual basic. Now when i compile the dll and use the same function thru asp.. and try to update the table, it gives me timeout expired error.
i reduced the sql statement to just one field and used some hard coded values also, but the same error persists thru ASP.
Cud u pls help me out of this …i am in a deep trouble man!!!!
Somebody pls help.. help.. help!!!
Check the way you are accessing the database. I think there is some security issue. Is the way you access the SQL Server through VB (this should be windows authentication) same as the way you access through ASP(should be an IIS Login)? Try looking at the permissions for the IIS Login and grant appropiate permissions to the same. HTH. Gaurav
I suppose security issues would also give an elaborate error message indicating the lack of permissions for IUSR_MACHINENAME. Maybe posting the full text of the error message could help.
Meanwhile you could try reading this article on Timeouts:]
I’d run profiler to see what’s happening database side. It may be that the timeout is due to a permissions issue not being able to connect which profiler will pickup (look at the security audit events)