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sub reporting

Hello, We need to create a report which has many sub reports as follows 1) Get the customer and the bill date as a parameter
2) report 1 should be cover letter
3) report2 details from table1 for that customer starting from a new page with format 1 (can span across several pages)
4) report3 details from table2 for that customer starting from a new page with format 2 (can span across several pages)
5) report4 details from table3 for that customer starting from a new page with format 3(can span across several pages) Could you please guide me on the efficient way to achieve this.
Shivi or…5a-0aed1c18a31e/reporting_services_design.doc on design best practices and too. Satya SKJ
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in subreport control there is parameter option from which you can match parameters that you want to pass. Depending on you requirment, you may have to have several sub reports so that you can pass nessary values of them —————————————-
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Thanks for your replies. I have done this by creating multiple tables in a single RDL and each table gets the data from different tables. For each table I have coded the VISIBILITY property with the expression =iif(Parameters!Showtable1.Value ="Y",false,true)
so when the user passes Y to showtable1 parameter then the table is populated and shown in the report or this report alone will be skipped
But the issue is I need a page break at the end of the each table as each table is a report. I have set the pagebreakatend property to TRUE but Iit is not working. Is there a way to manually insert a page break plEASE HELP
missed to mention one point.. when I removed the expression =iif(Parameters!Showtable1.Value ="Y",false,true) from table VISIBILITY property then page break is working.. But I need this expression and pagebreak together..