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subscription deactivated

Hi I am having problems with a subscription keep on being deactivated and need help in identifying why it is happening. I have set up a transactional replication from Server A to ServerB (so that server B is in effect read only as no new data is allowed to be added into the table on server B) which periodically sychronizes every night. There is a huge initial snapshot which takes about 25 hours to copy over (copied over a network connection). However, everything seems to work fine and any new data is sychronized. The subscription has also been set to never to expire as sometimes new data is not added in for two weeks or so. The problem comes I think when serverB is rebooted for some reason and then the subscription seems to deactivate. If server B is not rebooted whilst the sychronizing it taking place I don’t understand why the subscription becomes deactivated? I was thinking about setting up the replication to be continuous with the option to of immediate updating wihth queued updating as failover. Do you think this might solve the problem? Thank you for your help CE
CHeck SQLAgent settings whether it is set to aUTO-START when stopped unexpectedly. Satya SKJ
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