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Suggestion for implementing this issue in best way

DBA’s I need to have 4 databases updated from a different server once every morning. I was thinking about having a snapshot replication setup and schedule it to run once every morning. But to do this I need to create 4 different publications on a single server, one for each database. I cannot think any other way to implement this in a better manner. Is therea any other way to implement this other than having 4 publications and subscriptions running. Thanks
Can’t you do backup/restore?
I think backup restore will be faster than snapshot replication…
When you do snapshot replication, if the user access the data may get incorrect info because tables will be populated one at a time…
Ok Mohammed Thanks for the suggestion, I will try to script that out as jobs. Satya
You can create SSIS package for this and schedule the SSIS package to run as SQL Agent job… In SSIS package run the backup on the source server… on success run the restore job on the destination… MohammedU.