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[?]Survery DB Schema

I am trying to modify a survey DB schema created by OOP(Object Oriented Programming) snobs who had their heads so far up their ass(in my opinion).<br />This is current schema created by them.<br /><br />Diagram 1 (OOP snobs version)<br /><img src=’http://us.f3.yahoofs.com/users/41a4fde6zcff655d9/a2ae/__sr_/2761.jpg?phsEJvBB3t1v7URD’ border=’0′ /><br /><br />Actually there aren’t a several foreign keys as they are shown in the picture, but that’s what they(OOP snobs) are doing to the table "Response". They are inserting question_collection_id and its name as well as question_id and its name to Response table. However, it was not ill-intended, "We just wanted to load the report quickly"(OOP snobs). <br />But I really recommend this schema, Because of its simplicity.<br /><br />Diagram 2 (My version)<br /><img src=’http://us.f3.yahoofs.com/users/41a4fde6zcff655d9/a2ae/__sr_/e890.jpg?phrEJvBBF0.lGY5Y’ border=’0′ /><br /><br />Yet I haven’t proven that my schema will provide report just as quickly as OOP snobs’ version. As mentioned earlier, since they don’t have foreign key constraints accordingly, I do find quite number of discrepancy on values of "question" columns between "Question" and "Response" tables and "question_collection" columns between "question_collection" and "Response" table. I can provide schedule task to eliminate those problems. But I really prefer my schema than theirs. So far, I can explain mine is better just because of its simplicity and DBA’s gut instinct. I’d like to hear Superior Expert’s opinion which schema is better and why one is better than the other.<br /><br /><br />(moved from Analysis forum)
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