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Survey for most wanted sql server skills

Is there any survey that lists what sql server skills are most wanted by companies? For example, is knowledge of replication weighed more than knowledge of optimization?
I have not seen any of this kind of survey…. MohammedU.
You could make your own survey report
based on Job openings and Job sites job’s descriptions.
And i personally feel your end conclusion will be, a person should be having moderate knowledge of almost all parts of SQL Server.
The more you know, the better you stand in SQL community.

Try to find some post from Satya about it. Luis Martin
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You can use MONSTER.COM and DICE.COM…. MohammedU.
That’s a really interesting idea. If I get some time, I will look into this subject and report back. ——————————–
Brad M. McGehee, SQL Server MVP
Hi Brad, If you’re going to do any survey like that, may be you want to ask what other additional non-SQL Server MS knowledge are wanted from SQL Server professionals? I believe most SQL Server jobs require other MS knowledge but what are the most common ones for different type of SQL Server jobs.