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suspect databases, error 9003 The LSN (4:469:1) pa

Hi There, During a hardware screwup, 3 of my databases became suspect. I’ve tried: exec sp_resetstatus ‘star’
DBCC DBRECOVER ( ‘star’) and also: exec sp_add_log_file_recover_suspect_db star, star_log_2, ‘C:Documents and SettingsNigelsMy Documentsstardatabasedata filesstar_log_2.ldf’ but whatever I do gives me this error: The LSN (4:469:1) passed to log scan in database ‘pubs’ is invalid. Any ideas? Help![xx(]
When SQL starts up, it goes through recovery, which is a process of undoing and redoing transactions in the transaction log, to get the database to a consistent/operable state. When SQL server is not able to access your log file or if the log is corrupt, it might put the above error message out in the error log. If it is PUBS database you can simply restore from another SQL server by taking good backup and dropping current troubled one. Satya SKJ
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