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Suspend SQL job scheduling on specific days

Dear SQL gurus, Does any one have idea or comment on how to suspend the scheduled task for a specific days. In our environment, we would like to suspend schedule on Dec.26 and Jan.2. Any comment will be greatly appreciate it. Happy holiday and new year !! Regards,
Paulus Paulus
You could write an sproc to deactivate the jobs and one to activate them. Then schedule one job to run start of day on the 26th to deactivate, and schedule one job to start on the 27th to reactivate them. Repeat the process for Jan 2.
Just make sure that if you’re deactivating/activating all jobs, that you exclude these 2 jobs from the processes. chris
or you could add a step to the job which checks the date and raises an error if it is 26th Dec or 2nd Jan, this would cause the job to stop. Cheers
If scheduled job was made using EM, easy way is what Twan said.
EM Jobs, Properties, step, modify.
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