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Sync of MYSQL db with sql server db

Is there any tool available which can be used to sync data between my sql and sql server db.We have some dbs on my sql, on which data is inserted ,updated daily.Management wants that this data should be replicated to sql server simulteously so that they can be in sync.I am wondering how can I achive this.Pls suggest

How much data do you have to keep in sync? Maybe you can simply add MySQL server as a linked server to MS SQL Server and then write some queries to copy the data. — "Recommended By Dr. Audioscrobbler."

Not much data,say one record per minute will be inserted in a mysql table.As soon as it is inserted in my sql 3 fields of that record should be inserted in sqlserver table.The data in these tbl should be in sync.
Follow this link about migrating Mysql data to MSSQL, though you do not require this. Assess the couple of points referred in the article about using DTS in data transformation or use some kind of query in Mysql to result out to a text file and use DTS to import into SQL Server. HTH Satya SKJ
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Mgmt wants that data should be pulled from mysql table to mssql every after 1 hour automatically.I am wondering how to achive this.I have given a couple of hit and trial with dts but no use.If any one has any idea please submit.