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Sync or Create New logins

Is there any way I can Sync Users two DB.
I want to take a backup from my production server and restore in to a Development Server. The issues is how can I create all users and there previllages. I used to use to "sp_change_users_login update_one, ‘UserId’, ‘UserId’" in SQL 7.0. This statement is not valid in 2000.
Any suggestions?

You may want to try "Copy Database Wizard".
From EM, right click on "Databases" -> "All Tasks" Jon M
You have to use SP_CHANGE_USERS_LOGIN to fix the orphaned users and refer to SQL 2K books online for this SP. BOL refers:
EXEC sp_change_users_login ‘Update_One’, ‘Mary’, ‘Mary’
Links the specified user in the current database to login. login must already exist. user and login must be specified. password must be NULL or not specified. _________
Satya SKJ