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System is not responding

Hello Guys We have Acceleraid 352 Mylex Raid Controller Card installed in Fujitsu-Siemens Machine. On this controller we have SCSI HDD configuration as 1. 2 x 18GB on RAID1 on Channel 0
2. 3 x 36GB on RAID5 on Channel 0
3. 2 x 18GB on RAID1 on Channel 1
4. 2 x 18GB on RAID1 on Channel 1
5. 2 x 18GB on RAID1 on Channel 1 The Datafiles are on the Channel 0 on RAID5 and Transaction Log files are on Channel 1.The OS is also on Channel 0.
One of the HDD which was part of RAID 1 on Channel 1 gets faulty and when I replaced it with the new one it rebuilds the data but after that somehow the system stops responding even after restart and I always get message on Machine LED "SERR on PCI Bus # 0".After that I put all the HDD from this machine to other same identical machine.The other machine configuration was completely the same as the original machine.Basically we have the same spare machine.When I boot the system it comes up but at the login screen it stop responding and I have to restart the system. When I boot the system in safe mode it works fine but on normal boot it is not working.
I still didn’t understand the behaviour.Either this is some windows problem or SQL SErver 2000 problem. I am running Windows 2000 Advanced Server SP4 with SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition SP3a. Can some have any idea what is happening? Thanks Mansoor Hafeez

IF the system (hardware) stops responding then check or get event viewer logs for assessment, and also report to the vendor for right fix. I don’t think this is probelm is wholly related to SQL server alone, OS play major part if any h/w issue arises. Satya SKJ
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I doubt if SQL Server is causing your problem. As Satya has suggested, it is the OS, a driver, or the hardware. Your vendor is your best source to resolve this issue. —————————–
Brad M. McGehee, MVP