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Table advise needed

Hi Everyone – I need some table advise. I have several tables that have fields in them (duh) What i need to accomplish is field level validation
in the business layer…. sounds simple…. here is the catch. I would like to have a table that holds just the validation rules. Each rule can be used by different fields in the other tables. So the question is this; What kind of setup do i need to implement
to allow for each field in several different tables to utilize
the formatting options outlined in the validation table. Thanks
If I understand you correctly, you would need a very dynamic environment. What will be responsible for validation and integrity checking? Your middle layer or do you want this to happen via stored procedures? What happens when some poweruser bypasses your validation functions and goes straight to the table? Your integrity will be shot, won’t it? Why do you want this approach at all? —
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Well, I have set up something along those lines using triggers and validation tables. You can even support wildcards – you just need to get your logic straight, and have a good understanding of manipulating strings. The trouble is that it will probably take a lot of work to implement any changes that are in conflict with the current business rules, as you might need to convert the existing data.