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Table Names in SQL Server

I work with a group of developers that insist their application’s success depends on being able to create databases and tables on the fly. Their proposed naming convention is databases (job number) and for tables (job number "_" order number. I tried to explain this plan eludes any "normal" notion of database sanctity or sanity and giving out DDL Admin rights to a .Net component is a bad idea, all to no avail. Anyone out there with an opinion either way or am I taking my title (DBA) too seriously?
I think your are correct in critisizing the developers. This kind of model is never scalable and is a disaster waiting to happen. The same functionality can be achieved by using tables. For all the jobs there can be a master jobs table and all the job related order numbers can be stored in the Jobs details table which has a refernce to master jobs table. This way the front end application user will never have the ddl rights and sanity of DBA will be maintained. HTH. Gaurav
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Agree with Gaurav.
Try to get your objetive in some way that developers thing was his idea.
I hope my poor English don´t change what I mean. Luis Martin

I agree too. .NET components really should only have rights to execute stored procedures, and under extreme duress select rights on views… The security risk with having higher privileges let alone the ability to create databases and tables is not worth it. Sounds like a poorly architected solution to me, but that is a comment without knowing the requirements of the application. Why create a new database each time? Why a new table each time? Why not have a table for all orders, jobs with additional columns to allow identification of the data. That would be a normal way of doing this… Why do they feel that this is required? There will be much more elegant ways of achieving what they want… Are they willing to share what their requirements are, so that you can go back to them with a list of options? Cheers
About create new table each time, look like auxiliars tables.
See: Luis Martin