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Table Partitioning SQL Server 2005

Ok, we have a challenge ahead of us, an I wanted some feedback if possible. We have a rather large table 1.2TB and growing in SQL Server 2005. We know about and plan on using 2005#%92s table partitioning feature to help with the performance. My question is, has anybody dealt with this sort of thing and what was the outcome/architecture that worked for you. We do have the resources to purchase more equipment, and modifying the application or adding intelligence layers is not an option at this time. This all has to be done on the back end. Any ideas? Thanks in advance! ND

I have worked previously on a database sizing exercise at our end without any issues (in SQL 2000 too), and using table partitioning will help with a higher end hardware on a scope of optimization in thsi case. Satya SKJ
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