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Table permission disappears in a subscriber db

We are using SQL 2k5 with sp2. I created a database role that will allow a group of users to have a read only access to a few tables say 15 tables. For some reason, every 1 or 2 weeks, one of the tables drop out from the ‘Securables’ listing of that database role. It is always the same table. I have to add it back in every time when it happens. One thing I like to mention is that this happens on the database which is a subsriber database on a different SQL server than the publishing database’s. I am not sure it is a replication issue or not but I don’t think it is, because why it only happens to that one table out of the 15 tables. Plus as far as I know, replication doesn’t replicate role or permission. Any help on this is very much appreciate because it is very puzzling. wingman
By any chance it happens when you reinitialize snapshot?
Check subscriber might have initialized… MohammedU.
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