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table_owner field is blank for system tables

I have some databases ..i guess they have corrupted.when I right click on the db in EM and click properties I get a msg "invalid object name dbo.sysfiles."when I click ok button i get another msg "invalid object name dbo.sysfilesgroup" i again click ok on this msg.I get new msg "Could not get property information for database "deslldb".neither I m able to see the tables,views,sp,users when i click resp links on the treeview of db.
When i executed sp_tables in this db..i am shocked to see that none of the system table
have table_owner field as dbo.All these system tables and views have blank field for Table_owner colum.How to fix this problem and make the dbs healthy.
Just now I also querried sysusers table of this db , but shocked to see that the name feild has dbo missing.Though uid status and other fields are there.Pls help