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Tape Backups

I have a New SQL Server (ProLiant ML530 G2)
Latest dual processor Xeonâ„¢ processor from Intel
2.8 GHz DP Xeon processors with 400 MHz system bus
512k L2 cache
Hyper Threading Technology what is the best way to back the databases to Tapes and what are best DLT Tapes recommened and their Advantages.. Thanks A Million

No matter what tape backup hardware or software you use, I always highly recommend that you perform a backup to disk first, then once that is done, then do it to tape. Since disk backup is much faster than tape backup, doing this reduces the amount of time it takes to perform the backup, and reduces the server resources used. When you do your disk backup, you can do it to a local server, or to another server (or SAN, NAS) via a fast network. Some people use third-party tape backup software with a SQL Server Agent that allows them to backup the database while on-line. While this is supposed to work OK, I wouldn’t bet my career on it. What I do is to backup my databases to disk, then I have a job that backs up the disk backup to tape on a tape silo. I have scheduled the jobs so that the tape backup start as soon as the disk backup is complete. Of course, I also have to delete the previous night’s disk backup. I only do this after I have a new disk backup. This takes lots of extra disk space, but I sleep better at night. Also, don’t forget to backup your log files. We use an IBM Tape Silo (mainframe-based) so I can’t offer any specific ideas on DLT tape, but perhaps others can.
Brad M. McGehee