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Hello Everyone,
Please note that i’ve encountered the following problem:
I’m currently using MS SQL 2000 and Delphi 7. Could you let me know why, while using database whit TDBGrid(whit TADOTable.table := View1), when I insert a new record the trigger of the View(on Database) is not executed, where as through TADOCommand i can execute the command SQL INSERT on the same View the trigger is executed?
Please let me know [:0]how i should solve this problem. thanks
Any error and how about the DSN used to connect SQL server. Satya SKJ

Some of the delphi components (particularly the data aware ones) are remarkably shoddy once you look under the hood.
I recommend you run a trace and see what actual SQL is being executed, when using the table based on the view. If this doesnt shed any light, I would then attempt to trap the creation of the new record via an event handler, and perform the insertion yourself using an ADOCommand.