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Temp table

hi ,<br /> we are using temp table is our stored procedure, i heard that temp table affected over all Sql server performance , please help to know what are draw back while using temp table s<br /><br />Thanks<br />R.Raja<br />Chennai- India<br />[<img src=’/community/emoticons/emotion-1.gif’ alt=’:)‘ />]
As you have already mentioned, temp tables hurts SQL server performance and it is major drawback.
Read about table variables in BOL which can be used in some situations over temp tables.
Also based on procedure figure out, whether it really needs temp tables intervention.

please explain in breif
any body give some useful links about temp table
its again a FAQ

quote:Originally posted by rajaragothaman any body give some useful links about temp table

have you googled for this? Also have you looked into BOL for some more relevant information
Is this related to SQL Server 2005 or 2000? Satya SKJ
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