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tempdb issues

I’ve been having a lot of problems with tempdb getting very large lately. I’ve never had these issues in the past and I’m not really doing anything out of the ordinary. For instance, tempdb was just at about 16 gigs and I had to stop and restart sql to get it back down. Right after, I did an insert of about 2.5 million records from one table to another table. I didn’t use any sorting or anything….just straight insert. I can see the t-log getting huge on the database in question, but tempdb went back up to 3.5 gigs (data file, not log). Once it completed, it didn’t go back down. Any ideas? Thanks,
here is a llink containing the resource on tempdb size & gaining control over it ,
Regarads. hsGoswami
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Tempdb only get down via shink or stop and restart SQL.
Luis Martin
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Any clue why an insert statement into another database with no ordering would cause it to blow up though? Chris
Have you checked execution plan, may try post sample of the statement for fine tuning. Satya SKJ
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