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The PrimeOutput method on component "OLE DB Source 1" (1) returned error code 0xC0202009.

Basic Info: Same package on SQL Server 2005 – Was working fine Upgraded to 2008. In my Data Flow Task (DFT ), i have OLE DB Source and Desti . In connection manager, my connection is OLE DB too.
Source is pulling 8000 records and loading in Desti. Simple package. My Package is breaking on OLE DB Source. That means there is something wrong with my source Query. Which is not possible as it was working fine in 2005.
The point to note is : It loads 7814 records very fine. But at the end it breaks on OLE DB Source.

Error: 0xC0047038 at Data Flow Task, SSIS.Pipeline: SSIS Error CodeDTS_E_PRIMEOUTPUTFAILED. The PrimeOutput method on component "OLE DBSource 1" (1) returned error code 0xC0202009. The component returned afailure code when the pipeline engine called PrimeOutput(). The meaningof the failure code is defined by the component, but the error is fataland the pipeline stopped executing. There may be error messages postedbefore this with more information about the failure. WORK AROUND I FOUND: What i did was, i ran my package with different combinations of source query in OLE DB source. Like out of 20 fields, i first pou 10 only in sourec query andcommented out other 10 and package ran fine. That means problem inother 10 fields. THen down to 5 and then came to know that one field isbraking the package. BUTTTTTT work around was:Breaking field was nvarchar(MAX) field and i had to trim it down toLEFT (field, 1000) which is not solution excatly. The reason i am saying it is:i am getting same problem in my another package which used to work finein 2005. In my Driver package i have this kind of 38 packages. Allthose worked fine in 2005 but suddenly i am having this problem in 2008where some of my OLE DB source are breaking with error above . Can anybody please help me with this issue? Thanks in advance.

Welcome to the forums.
Is this a 64 bit platform?
Before proceeding for further explanation getting to know on this aspect helps.

Yes. It is 64 bit with Vista OS.


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