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The specified username is already aliased

hello buddy, i have a question here. i am installing SQL 6.5 with SP4 into a server with WINDOWS SERVER 2000.
After i complete my installation , i am restoring the backup database to this server 6.5.
everything still running fine after i restoring the database, i delete all the users fall under this restoring database and try to recreate new users but get an error when i try to assign the users permission to the database: ERROR 15022 : [SQL SERVER] THE SPECIFIED USER IS ALREADY ALIASED. I COULDN’T SEE ANY OF THIS USER IN THIS SCREEN AND I CHECKED USING THE SP_CHANGE_USERS_LOGIN ‘REPORT’, AND IT RETURN 0 RESULT. I ALSO TRY TO LOCATE IN THE SYSUSERS AND SYSLOGINS TABLE BUT STILL I COULDN’T FOUND ANY USERS CONFLICT WITH THE ONE I CREATED, PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…285550d7b81efdf?sa=X&oi=groupsr&start=1&num=3 —————————————-