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this error " there is no row at position 0"

hello everyone, we have a problem in my system that will say it now. we have two departments can access to the same database , the first department fill all the fields in the application(web_enabled), the second department can fill some fields from whole the fields and the remaining fields are set as default values because they don’t have access to the remaining items.
the problem here, when the first department go to fill the fields and then press save to save the filled information , will operation successful, but when the second one want to fill the fields then click save , will appear this error
" there is no row at position 0". note that we can’t to change any thing in the code , i hope to find the answer for our problem thru database.
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I don’t think you can fix this without changing code.
Can you post, the part of code use by department?
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Since you can’t change the code,can you at least have a look at it? In the meantime, to find out what is actually being sent to the database, try profiling the queries (INSERT/UPDATE) from the application. Nathan H.O.