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Threshold of database growth

Hi All, When i specify db growth in MB, what is the threshold as to when SQL server will auto grow the data file? For example if my data file is 5GB, and i set autogrow 5GB, at what size full does SQL server expand the data file another 5 GB? thanks in advance.
if you have initial 5GB with 5GB autogrow, SQL will result with 10GB data file after the expand.
i meant at what point does SQL Server decide to autogrow the file? i.e with 5% left in the data file? with 1GB left in the datafile..?
according to my experience it grows at 0% free space in data file
But 0% free space, the db already stops working..? It doesnt seem that microsoft would allow their db to be unavailable while its growing i hope.
"During the database autogrow operation, the worker thread that performs the autogrow operation may hold on to critical database resources, such as locks that the worker thread previously obtained when it processed the user query. Therefore, concurrency may be negatively affected while the autogrow operation is in progress. Because of this, you may notice blocking, application query time-outs, and other performance-related issues on the database." Full article:;en-us;822641