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tips for workshop about clustering?

Hi! short introduction: I am a trainee, and in my current department all is about database administration, development, and so on. I am "allowed" to prepare and hold a one day workshop about MS SQL Server 2005 Clustering, showing possibilities, impossible dreams, features, etc. etc. As I am rather new in this type of business, my experience with SQL Server 2005 is not that big. Has anybody some useful information regarding clustering tests (f.e. what happens when one server crashes) and, if possible, some book tips concerning the topic MS SQL Server 2005 in general and clustering in detail? Would help me out a lot! (I already created a testing environment using Virtual Server 2005, based on Mr. McGehee’s article about it) Kind regards,
This site link has more information what you’re looking. I would suggest to send an email to Brad at [email protected] to know more about it, as he is well experienced in the Clustering topic. Also if you need any more information feel free to contact me. Satya SKJ
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