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to know password for logins

Hi All- 1) What is meant by Blank password for the logins in SQL SERVER?
2) Is there any method to know the passwords for the logins or the only mehtod is to reset password for logins?
Can we include ASCII codes in the password? Thanks & Regards,
Blank password as the name suggest are Blank password or username without any password. As far as I know there is no was to know the password for the logins and only method is to reset the password. Are we here talking about windows authentication or windows authentication?
There are some tools in the market to crack the easy passwords for sql 2000 but I don’t know they work in 2000…. You can inlcude any alpha numerica and special characters in the password… MohammedU.
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1- You have got it.
2- SQL Server 2005 has an option, MUST_CHANGE, which forces the user to change the password upon first successful use of the login. Using SSMS and the object browser, navigate to the Security | Logins folder.
-Find the login you are interested in reviewing.
-Right click on the login and select ‘Properties’ option.
-On the General tab, review the ‘Enforce password policy’ and the ‘Enforce password expiration’ configurations. Only if the login is under SecurityAdmin or Sysadmin group then it will prompt to specify the old password. Satya SKJ
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