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Too many SQL Connections

We have a case where a user is using Excel sheet to connect the database on SQL2K and generally his connection runs in the upper 150 in numbers. He generally gets more than 150 connections open. I know that it’s not a good thing, but is there a way to limit it or even kill it after it reaches max? What are the disadvantages of opening too many connections?
What is the connection string used to connect SQL Server?
On the SQL Server you can specify max. number of user connections and normally you will have performance effect on SQL server due to number of connections opened. Satya SKJ
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Max user connections works on per user basis or it would be the Total number of connections that can be opened at a time, including all the users. In my case I would like to ristric the trouble making user to 10 connections. Now if I set the max_connections to 10 then won’t it change the maximum allowed connection/instance to 10?