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Top DBCC’s run ??

I am trying to set up my own maintenance plan and was wondering what DBBC procedures other DBA’s ran and with what frequency? I read somewhere that the MS plans really aren’t the best way to go, is that correct? Thanks

— Creating Maintenance plan is better in some situation..but if you have important database that need to be avilable all the time with best need to do some extra care/work for that..for some of my databases i have below DBCC execution structure: –
Dbcc checkdb – Once in a week
dbcc dbreindex – once in a month
Dbcc indexdefrag – once in a week/ daily partialy for important indexes/ or depends on your requirment of performance.
dbcc shrinkdb – once in month/ or depends on requirment. Monitor using below DBCC: – dbcc sqlperf(lrustats)
dbcc sqlperf(iostats)
dbcc sqlperf(netstats)
dbcc sqlperf(rastats)
dbcc sqlperf(waitstats)
dbcc sqlperf(threads)
dbcc sqlperf(umsstats) dbcc memorystatus
DBCC CACHESTATS Deepak Kumar –An eye for an eye and everyone shall be blind
DB maint.plans are easy to setup and when they scheduled to work then trouble starts, if you’re confident enough about the DBCC statements to run then you can schedule them seperately . Books online will give you more information in this regard. If you’re running DBCC DBREINDEX then do not run DBCC SHRINKDB as it works on negative way. Satya SKJ
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check this link for useful dbcc commands
Thanks, good information. How can I find out which Indexes are being used more? Will SQL Profiler tell me that? Thanks
I think its not possible to which index is used highly,
for that check for estimated execution plan or check for trace in sql profiler.
or else u can set different statistics on to check.