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Trace flag to track dead locks

In SQL 2000, I use trace flag -T1204 and -T3605 in the startup parameters to trace down the details of deadlock. Is it still the same trace flags in SQL 2005? I have put them in SQL 2005 and I haven’t found any deadlocks after upgrading to SQL 2k5 since 3 weeks ago. Normally in SQL 2000, we will encounter deadlocks at least one or two a week. But we have none in SQL 2K5 since the upgrade. I am just wondering if the trace flags are working or maybe SQL 2k5 is much improved to minimize the deadlock occurance. wingman
Check the books online topic "Detecting and Ending Deadlocks " Trace Flag 1204 and Trace Flag 1222
When deadlocks occur, trace flag 1204 and trace flag 1222 return information that is captured in the SQL Server 2005 error log. Trace flag 1204 reports deadlock information formatted by each node involved in the deadlock. Trace flag 1222 formats deadlock information, first by processes and then by resources. It is possible to enable both trace flags to obtain two representations of the same deadlock event.
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