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trace flags

hi everyone when u r detaching and attaching msdb database we have to add T3608 trace flag as start up parameter.. Besides this what r the trace flags that r used as start-up parameters…
If there is any information regarding this…..pls help me out..
thnx in advance krishna chaitanya.s
project engineer-SQLDBA

Pls have a look at this link..;en-us;224071 I think this is usefull for you

hi johnson i already checked this link….. i came to know about T3608 trace flag after i checked this link… i want to know about trace flags other than T3608 which r to be added in startup parameters
in Enterprise Manager…. krishna chaitanya.s
project engineer-SQLDBA

Thats enough to do this task. Even most of the case, I didn’t use the trace, I could do it without that. But this is the standard to be followed. Do you find any difficulty while following those steps?? -Johnson
hi johnson.. i didn’t find any difficulty while following the steps in the article that u have mentioned krishna chaitanya.s
project engineer-SQLDBA