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Trace Nested stored-procedure

Hi What would I see if I placed a trace on a set of nested stored procedures ? I have looked on the web any information, but haven’t found anything. Any MS urls would be handy. Regards.
Why don’t you place a trace on a set of nested procedures, and find out?
There must be someone who know what MS have said. Its easier than using trial and error.
What error?[<img src=’/community/emoticons/emotion-1.gif’ alt=’:)‘ />]<br /><br />Sorry for feeling a bit flippant on a Friday afternoon …
haha Seriously, Does any1 know what Profiler will do when running nested Stored procedures !?
As far as I can see, a profiler trace records certain details surrounding executed instructions as they are happening. I can see how the results from a trace on nested procedures may be more difficult to interpret, but I wouldn’t know how it would be in any way different from a trace filtered for a single procedure.
if you trace Stored Procedures->SP:Completed, it shows called procedure, plus each nested stored proc, where you expecting something else? and if you add the column NestLevel, a prize to anyone who can guess what that might show, honorable mention in the Darwin award? have you ever heard the phrase: the burned hand teaches best,
it might be easier to ask, but how much will you learn
point taken and thanks.