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trace sql query

I am coding a program with VB that automatically imports order to database (Scala with MS SQL 7.0 server). Updating just orders table is not enough since there are other tables where some of the order data should be also updated. Database contains hundreds of tables and I don’t have any specification of relationships between tables. Scala contains manual import of orders. I have tried to trace the sql clause with Profiler, but result is 47000 rows (!) of sql data even when the updated file has only 300 rows. Trace was executed on test server with single user. Is there some way to filter out only the used tables or, even better, the actual sql query used by Scala’s manual import? Any help is appreciated, I am novice with sql server and running out of coding time!! Regards,

Not entirely sure how your system works, but would it not be possible to manipulate the order input file so it only contained one amendment (or one order). Then surely running this through the import procedure will generate a profile trace which is easier to interrogate.