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Tracking Users

Here is the situation, my organization has decided that they want to keep tabs on what people are doing on the databases, I know that one way to do this would be to turn the profiler on 24/7, but that isn’t realistic and personally, I think this is a fad and don’t want to go down that road. I found this, and when set up to run every 2 minutes or so, it appears to be right in the ball park for what I am looking for, except, I would like to get the actual query that the user is running, is this possible to reverse engineer from sysprocesses? If so, I could just modify the sp and I would be good to go. In my plan, I would archive the table each day to a text file, then our backup software can pick up the text file and so on.. Any help would be appreciated. thanks
You could use [DBCC inputbuffer(spid)] to expose some of the SQL. Additionally, the [sql_handle] column may be of use. Dbu
If your management is inclined towards third party tools, then take help of this link or link. Satya SKJ
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