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Trans log file location

A technical paper here suggests to put Trans log file on a dedicated RAID 1 disk for better performance. I got confused here, RAID 0 is data striping, one piece of data will be divided into multiple pieces and each piece will be written to disk, taking advantage of the parallel disk heads. While RAID 1 is data mirroring, 1 piece of data will be written to 2 disks. Obviously RAID 1 is much slower than RAID 0. I thought, for performance purpose, log should be put to RAID 0, for fault tolerance purpose, log should be put to RAID 1. Folks, if I am wrong, please correct, thanks. ——————
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the log is on RAID 1 not for performance,
but so you get to keep your job if something goes wrong
RAID 0 is better for performance than RAID 1, and in case of any issues with RAID 0 then there will be a chance of database corruption which may be irrecoverable. In any case having backup of database is a different scenario, for the purpose of High Avaialbility keeping on RAID1 is better. Satya SKJ
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