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Transaction Log Backup on Production Server.

I have a production server with daily more than 10,000 transactions.
I have also Merge replication on that server and merging happens every 90 minutes. The server is the Publisher for the Merge replication.
As per our new Back-Up policy asked by management, I have to implement transaction log backup on the same server every 15 mins.
I wanted to know whether implementing transaction log backup will hamper the server performance.
Can I know, whats the recovery model?
If its full, keep this transaction log in RAID1 or RAID5, this will improve the performance. If its a simple model, try to make it "Full" and start applying the backup policy of log backup in 15 mins, this will improve the performace, in terms of the the I/O will be in sequential, which helps to improve the performance. -Johnson
At any point of time the transaction log backup will not hamper the performance of server, as long as disk drives are poorly configured or corrupted. Satya SKJ
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