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Transaction Log File is increasing

I am having issue related to my log file which is continuesly increasing.Currently My database file size is approx 8GB and Log file to 13GB.To stop the increase i have changed DB recovery model to Simple but then also i am not able to reduce a lots. Is there is any safer way to reduce the size.Please advice Thanks and Regards Ravi K
You can backup the log file —————————————-

See if this helps:
You’ll find several links to the MS KB in the URL above. —
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SIMPLE recovery model doesn’t take care of trasnaction log size, in order to maintain optimum size of Tlog you must issue CHECKPOINT intermittently when huge inserts were performed and during any of the optimization jobs. You can even control the log size using FULL RECOVEYR model by performing frequent BACKUP LOG in order to keep up the size of virtual log. Satya SKJ
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What kind of operation forms the majority of transactions?
Hi, *First of all ensure that right now this database is not used by any of the user.
if no user is accessing the database then detach this database through Enterprise Manager
* Rename the logfile.
* Attach the database A new log file of about 503 kb will be created.
You can backup the existing file for the future reference of you can delete it if the database is working fine. this has 3-4% risk. but if you follow the steps described above then no problem. Akhil Ruhela
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