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transaction log full and monitoring

hi everyone, Last week, our users can’t access the app properly. They were able to login via the app though. The DBA found out after a day that the cause of the problem was that the transaction log became full. I have an account on the mssql machine that can pull information from sysdatabase. I would like to ask a recommendation on what sql statement I should use that will allow me to monitor(threshold) that an error is about to happen. Something like a health check. This way, I can integrate the sql script in the monitor app we are using, have it executed by the monitoring app, receive the response from the mssql server, parse the result and send out an email notification if threshold is met. I’m doing this to proactively monitor the db server and not waiting for a day before the db finds out about it where users are already affected. Thanks guys for any help that you will be able to share. V1rt
you can monitor the hard disk space

You can take help from Alerts whenever these kind of warnings are happening, review information on books online about alerts.
Ensure Transaction log backup is continued without any issues that will help to keepup the size of Tlog.
Refer this and links for more information on tracking database usage. Satya SKJ
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You may also create a weekly job that shrink&truncate log file before the full backup is bein taken .